Hedge Care

We offer a full range of hedge care services, from planting and maintaining your new hedge, to trimming, reducing and removing existing hedges.

Hedge Cutting

We offer hedge cutting, trimming and reductions as regular maintenance, or one off visits. From high boundary hedges, to small ornamental hedges, we provide clients with a service tailored to their requirements. Hedge clippings are removed, and repurposed for compost, mulch or biomass.

Hedge Planting

We supply and plant hedges for screening purposes, wildlife benefits or garden and landscape projects. Whether you require small whips or large hedging plants for a more immediate solution all our hedging plants are sourced from trusted, high quality suppliers.


Topiary is the art of shaping and sculpting hedges, shrubs or trees into decorative forms. Our team can provide regular maintenance or one off cuts for existing topiary. We are also able to train topiary shapes from existing perennial plants, or supply and plant new mature topiary plants.

Hedge Removal

We are able to assist with hedge removal projects of all sizes. We offer a complete hedge and stump removal service, and are able to advise on replanting and sourcing of replacement plants.